Assignment of wedding cakes design 3-tier

20140723wedding cake 2

What were the inspirations for your designs?

It is kind of weird if you can’t have a wedding without a wedding cake. A gorgeous wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding and usually sits in a place of honor. I like the part of the cake cutting ceremony, cutting the cake is seen as one of the most climactic moments during a wedding party, so, it is not only a piece of cake, it means happiness and good wishes.

For my designs, I used white that is traditional wedding colour, and simple white-silver flower, and calla lily to decorate it.

Why did you choose the colours, elements and construction the way you did?

I choose white for the cake, because it is a traditional colour for weeding, I want the cake is elegant and deluxe, so I used white flower and calla lily to match it. For the connected the 3 tier, I used the whit ribbon from bottom to top to connected every tire.


How did the process of building your designs turn out?

  1. The important thing to make a wedding cake is had an idea before you start. That is why our instructor asked us to draw a picture first, you know what are you going to do that will save time and organize your every step.
  2. You are expert or not, just check the details, you can’t leave a gap between the tier, also you have to make sure measure the cake all the time, so you won’t put you decoration in wrong place.
  3. Have patience. A wedding cake is complex to make it, there is lots of fine work to do, and you have to take your time, to finish it step by step

What worked well and are there things you would change?



For my 3 tire cake, the cover worked well, even the fondant is so hard to handle, I tried so many times to make sure the surface is smooth and no air bubbles in it. But there still something I would make a change:

  1. The size of flowers, before I cut the shape to handle the flower, the size were right, but after molded the size just become bigger 3 times than before, so I got huge flowers on my cake, so that the calla lily no more space to put on.
  2. Using colour. Colour in fondant can be tricky; it is easy to go crazy, so, just use a little bit of fondant to test the colour instead of drop the colour directly into the dough.
  3. Organize and keep clean. In the process of make fondant cake, so many colour to use, so these colour always mix up if you don’t clean it before next colour to use, next time I will use different area to make different colour, always keep the table and the tools clean.




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