REFLECTION ON ASSIGNMENT (dessert presentation)


 What is the theme of your dessert presentation?

My theme of dessert presentation is all about wine and cheese, the restaurant is seated in a winery, there has breathtaking view and fresh, local food, customer comes from all over the world, they escape from busy city life.

Why did you choose the ingredients, flavor profiles and combinations that you did?

 For dessert we offer our customer simple but elegant dessert, not big amount, but we care about more the flavor matching, and creative plating design, we hope our customer feel this dessert is kind of supervise and pleasant.

Of course, using the best quality ingredients is crucial for dessert, where every detail counts and may take the difference.

What did you learn when plating the dessert?

I care more about the flavor, but this is a tough question, everyone has different tasty, so not every one likes your favorite, but I think we should limiting the number of main flavor to three, I do not like too much going on my plate which is you never know what the hell you tasting, just like garbage. So, my dessert all has a main flavor, then matching another refresh flavor, like almond matching raspberry.

Another challenge was design, how using different texture and temperatures of components in the dessert, so it delivers interest and pleasant surprise to the diner.

I tried using warm savarin to match raspberry sorbet, but timing problem, I froze my dessert, so people can’t tasty the warm savarin which is soft, moisture and some surprise inside. Next time I will consider this part.

For simple reason, I against using too many colors on my plate, I like the color has strong contrasts that is why I did not torch my marshmallow, which is on the pistachio tube, I want it is really shinny white to match the light green pistachio sponge. I learned generally, sauce, ice cream or sorbet, and main garnishes should radiate off the component without a lot of separation, so the plate have a balance of white space on the plate and not look too busy or confusing

 This is a presentation, so looks count, I using white plate, so customer will keep the focus on the dessert, without fingerprint!!! For me garnish is  an integral part of my design for a plated dessert, a garnish is the essential finishing touch for a plated dessert. Without it , the pate looks incomplete. I tried so many times to bake light and delicate tuile, it is not easy to do, but it worth.










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