During the chocolate and the confections course, I gained weight and knowledge, I enjoying the course, I made the green tea truffles, coffee flavor caramel mous, those all my favorite things, I’m really satisfied with this course.

First of all, from theory class and presentation which I learned the cultural-historical significance of chocolate, since Mayas had a verity of used for cocoa beans and treated them with tremendous respect, the cocoa accompany with human’s civilization develop; and we know the processing form cocoa bean to chocolate.Image


For me the most familiar part is the types of chocolate, because Yan and I did the presentation of this part, during research, we are surprised with those many of different chocolates, it is beyond my imaginationSlide24


Slide29 Slide23

Secondly, we learned several concepts, the most important one is chocolate tempering, at the beginning, and we can’t get nice tempered chocolate, they are not gloss and hardness, they don’t have nice colour and solid structure, but, after practice we get the expiries of tempering, we can handle those three things: temperature, time and movement. There are two methods used in our lab for tempering chocolate, one is marble method, another one is seeding method, it is interesting, when I fist time try seeding method, I love it more than marble method, because I got perfect tempered chocolate without messy, as a lazy people, I prefer this way, you just melt the couverture to the right temperature 40-45C, then add 1/3 of small chips stir until melted, see, easy and no extra work, I’d never use marbling method, but never say never, first time I was lucky, but the good luck just once, the second time I spend lots of time to temper the chocolate in seeding method, it’s kind of dispirited, we have to check the crystallization again and again, so I go back to the marble method, I have to say, there is no easy way to go, just fellow the rule and practice.




For dipping chocolate, we need more patience, dip it one by one,when I made caramel mous, I was hurry to finish all the products, so I lost my patience, I pushed the chocolate too much, and the filling come out of the caramel mous! I will remember this mistake, next time, when I feel anxious, just stop and take a deep breath, until I can focus on my job! I hope my products have a good look and customers enjoy this sweet products with happy! So I can proud of it!


Finally, for the confection part, we made some cute and soft fruit jellies; delicious caramel mous and nougat,

We had one-day sugar class, it was really fun except burn hands part, we learned several ways to get different texture sugar show piece, when we watching instructor demo, we thought that is easy, a piece of cake, we can deal it, but our turn to hand a piece of hot sugar, it is like BBQ your hands, fortunately, our first show piece not bad,

In lots of chocolate store, they always use chocolate coating apples, strawberries etc, it looks pretty and yummy, kids love it and I really want to try .




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