Reflection on design and decoration






I can’t believe those beautiful cakes are made by me, I am so happy with that. For the past few weeks I was exhausted, my mother in law is suffering from cancer, when my husband go back to China to visit his mother, I have to take care two kids, everyday is rushing, that is why I enjoying the time of in the lab, when I focus on my tasks ,the piping, the decorating, I just forget everything, no kids running in the house, for me it’s pretty like Zen, it is my peace time.

Now, I can pipe shell, rosette, leaves, star, etc, I can using different types of tip to get the shapes I wanted, I get the experience of piping, I know how much power should using and Which angle can get nice shape!

  these reminder me, When I first time using piping bag, so many funny things happened, I putted so much cream in the piping bag, then the cream just quizzed out from the top of piping bag, I even didn’t know how to insert the piping tips in it, I piped flat ugly rosettes, nobody knows that is rosette, just messy cream. 


It still is a challenge to me to piping with a cone to make chocolate motifs and writing, the main problems are:

  • The chocolate is not easy to control, we have to make sure the paper cone cut nicely, The chocolate melting well, even though, bubbles in the cone, chocolate stuck inside, it happens! What can I do? Be patient! If I need ten chocolate flakes to decorate the cake
    I will make twenty more, then, choose ten perfect flakes!

  • The chocolate getting dry easily,but we putted the chocolate bowl into the bowl with warm water, so it maintain the piping!


  • Writing nicely is a goal, honestly,I am not good at writing in English, even using pen to writing on the paper,but I believe that practice make perfect!
  • The size and space of writing consistency. It is necessary before we writing on the cake, we have to write on the paper hundreds of times to ensure we can writing nicely on the cake!

  I am satisfied with my skill at these tasks; compare the beginning of my piping I improved a lot.

  To become successful with piping, I have some ideas to share:

  • Practice, of course, we all know, we don’t have enough time to practice in the lab, so tried practice at home, using the batter instant chocolate, just mix flour with batter, writing on the plastic chopping board, it’s working. Practice everywhere if you can, actually, I don’t have extra time to practice, but my dad always say that to me, which is “don’t find excuses for your fail, figure out a way toward the success, so, I practice draw picture on the paper, on the phone, on the pan etc.
  • ImageImageImage
  • Know your tools well.Image
  • Don’t shaking your hand, I have bad experience, I will shaking my hands when I drinking too much coffee or hungry, last time when I piping the chocolate writing, I can’t do it with my shaking hands.
  • Certainties know what will you do. Have an image in your head or draw a picture ready on the hand. Make sure how much big and what kinds of style will you do, that is important, next, you just do without stop.
  • Using on line resources.

    Learn from someone else, we can easily find nice picture form online, there is lots of ideas about piping, for example, last week, I make a butter cream cake, the idea comes from computer, at the beginning, that is a way to learn, when I was journalist, my editor always said that to me: if you don’t know how to write a good article, just read more newspaper, like some articles written by Pulitzer Prize winner, it helped me a lot. Even I never write an article to win the prize, but I know what a good article should be.

  • Thinking. Different events using different types of piping, for example, someone play rock and roll, maybe he doesn’t want flowers on his cake, he just wants cool stuff, so our piping should be match the theme.
  • Be confident. Everything is about attitude, trust you can do it, and writing and piping with confidence, fluently and elegantly picture will show up.

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