Frying reflections

Frying reflections


This week was full of oil. we fried doughnuts, tempura and French cruller, the temperature of fryer was 375°C, the oil can hurt you easily. There are some tips when I frying foods which can keep myself and coworker safe:

  1. Keep everything organization and ready to use. When I prepare to fry donuts, I will get a tray with screen on it and close to the fryer, it make sure you have time to finish your product step by step, if you hurry to looking for something you missed when your donut is done, everything will be messy. And remember using mats when you hold hot tray or equipment.
  2. Make sure the floor is clean and not slip.  While you frying, the oil always flip over, or when you take out foods from fryer, the oil drop off the floor, it happens usually, you must clean it immediately, for make sure someone else and yourself safely; even the flour or batter drop off the floor, it is dangerous too.
  3. Drop food into fryer gently.   Whatever the time is hurry or how are you busy, you have to keep your own speed, don’t hurry, throw food in fryer, the oil will spill out of it and you’ll get burn.
  4. Get more safe space. When you working front of the fryer, to make sure leave more space behind you to let someone else go through, so you won’t get crush with someone else.



If I have a busy, heavy schedule of donut production, but I don’t like my yeast donuts get too big and too much fat, I would like to do something for it:

  1. Reduce the quantity of yeast. To slow down the fermentation.
  2. Don’t over proof.
  3. Make sure the temperature of oil not too low. Low temperature will take long time to frying; the donuts will absorb too much oil.
  4. Put some of the product in the refrigerator. So the dough doesn’t become old.
  1. The proofer temperature should be low.
  2. Give the dough relax time enough.

Cake donuts can be coarse and dense:

  1. Don’t over mix the dough. Too much gluten will make the donuts tough.
  2. The dough temperature should be at room temperature.
  3. Give 15 minutes to relax the dough before frying. It can relax the gluten and give the donuts nice expansion.
  4. The proper temperature must be 375°C -385°C.


I will Discuss the health implications of different kinds of fat used in donut production, as I know, good frying oil should be good- quality, flavorless and high smoke point.

  In our lab, we using solid shortening, it is popular cause it gives the donuts less greasy, but it can’t melt in the mouth and not healthy enough.

One of my favorite donut store was CARTEMS, the donuts are expensive and yummy, they emphasize the frying oil is coconut oil; it makes me feel it is healthier than others. But not everyone likes coconut oil. Lard is comes from pork, many years ago, when Chinese new year coming, people always use lard frying food, it is easy to get and has good tasty, but doctor doesn’t suggest old people eat it daily, it causes blood disease.

  I think the healthiest oil is avocado oil, it has high smoke point, and contain so many kinds of nutrition, but it is too expensive for frying donuts.

Problems while frying:

  1. Check out by eye. Sometimes we have to learn check the donuts is done or not by eye, if the oil too hot, we can’t leave the donuts in the oil for 5 minutes as usual, when Parry said the color of donuts should be lighter, but we still fried some dark donuts, just because we thought the time is not enough.
  2. Don’t fry a lot of donuts at a time. Once, I tried put the whole tray of donuts into the fryer, it caused three problems, first is I can’t give them a nice average turn, when they get out the color not evenly, some almost burn, some still in light color; second is they all squeeze together, they are lost shape, some triangle, some heart shape, but no one is nice circle; third is they lower the temperature, increase the frying time, make the donuts absorbed too much oil.Image

For next week, I hope I’ll show my professional when I baking, care more details, do the best job.




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