Reflective journal 5 (The self in the context of teamwork)


For the past week with Parry we had memorable time. As individuals, we have different personalities, values and attitudes, skills and experience and whether we want to or not, it is in our human nature to perceive the world through our own set of lenses. Parry given us three websites to do the personality test, that was a wonderful chance to answer these three questions: who you really are? What can you do? What change will you need to make in the future?

My test result shows I am kind of person which extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging (ENTJ), this kind of personality often find themselves in occupations that require good analytical and planning skills. ENTJs build successful careers in the areas requiring considerable organizational skills and intellectual efforts, presenting a challenge, and calling for creativity. They are greatly represented in technological and management consulting companies among engineers and developers, and among high- and mid-rank managers. They are also able to realize their potential in start-ups where they often fulfill management positions or take responsibility for the whole project. Determines occupations and areas in which ENTJs find them most fulfilled and content, are most successful, and therefore are most represented in.

Actually, this test result were surprised me, before the test I had a little bit doubt, but it is explained who am I accurately, it is make sense, cause when I was journalist these personalities helped me a lot, as a journalist you can’t be shy, the work asks you have excellent communication skills with everyone, and sensitive with news, trust your intuitive, the important part is you have to be a thinker with judging. There was a story between me and my team can explain how I have contributed and participated, my editor given us a topic about food safe, there was a food factory used unsafe food additive in flour which can make flour more white and good look, but it is unhealthy. At the beginning, we have to teamwork with each other to make a plan, then, we trust our intuitive, we can’t just take things on face value, even the boss of the factory didn’t admit they did bad thing, but from thinking and judging, we know we have to dig around until we get facts, finally, we did good job from our dedicated and determined.

Since my family moved to Canada, I dedicated to be a professional baker. I think my personality also can help me to contribution to teams in the future. From test I just know that I am a realist in the most basic sense of the word. Not only because my thinking is based upon a clear view of how things actually are in the world around me but also because my ideas and strategies are structured around those unambiguous “down to earth” commonsense beliefs which sum up the obvious and undeniable in life. I have several strengths also can contribution to teams or bakery:

  • High self-confidence. I trust my abilities and do not hesitate to express my opinion. So when I baking with confidence, it is easier to make success.
  • Strategic thinkers. I have no difficulties making long-term plans and approaching problems from several different angles. Especially in bakery, whatever you are a baker or a owner of bakery, problem always happen, find solution to figure it out is so important.
  • Energetic. I enjoy leading people and putting plans in action. Energize and motivate my team members. When I baking, usually need to stand long time and washing and pick up heavy staff, it asks people energetic.
  •  Very efficient. I do not like inefficiency, irrationality and laziness, I always seeking to root out such behavior where I go. As a baker, you must be efficient, customers can not wait your prepared long time, when people waiting with hungry, their easily turn to angry, efficient not only meaning fast, also means organize and professional.

So, my conclusion is I can contribution my strengths to teams in the future, and make a positive change for my weakness.



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