reflection 4

Reflection 4


For the past two weeks, I have to say I’ve had the best experience about merchandising and customer service. We did teamwork very well, It gives me confidence which I can be a good baker in the future.

(Day 1— Day 2: Baking station)

   The duty of baking station was baking pizza; my partner Yan and I followed the steps one by one seriously, and make sure we didn’t miss any process, before neither of us didn’t have any experience about baking pizza, but Lorry taught us with patience, when we baked six different types of pizza, and when we saw our customers enjoyed, we’ were so proud of ourselves.  What did I learned from baking station? The answer is multitask. If you want done your work efficiently and nothing goes wrong, you have to training yourself care detail and multitask at the same time. For example, when customer gives the order, we have to remember who ordered which kind of pizza and how many slices they ordered, at the same time, we had to care of pizza in the oven, avoided burn them. The first day was tough, but the second day after the training we did everything prefect.

(Day 3—Day 4: team leads station)

  Even I loved baking station so much, but for everyone gets chance to learned different stuff, we have to move on the next station which team leads station. Just like a team leader, we had to support all other stations in their duties and make sure all products has come up from labs and storage room. After worked at this station, I summarized a few of ideas to help me to be a good team leader in the future.

  1. Listen to others. You should always ask people what their opinion is. Try to incorporate them whenever it’s feasible.

  2. Take in other’s suggestions. When someone gives you an idea, work on it. Think of how you can improve on it.

  3. Enjoy your station. Even though in team lead station had to take things seriously, but there is no reason you can’t fun. Just don’t get too carried away, balance the serious business at hand with regard for the morale and spirits of the team.

(Day5—Day6 customer service and relations station)

   Customer service is a very important part in a business, it decides your bakery success or not. Our instructor has told us that bakery won’t survive for very long if it doesn’t have good customer service even they serve great products. At this station, I was surprised myself, I talked to customs and given them good service, even my English is not good enough, but when I smiled to them and treated them just like my friends, given them good suggestions about products; answered question with patience, everyone knows you are welcome them and tried your best. After this station I learned several skills about customer service.

  1. Attentiveness. Listen to customers is a way to know which part you need to provide and how much.

  2.  Communication clearly. Customers always got so many questions to ask, answer them clearly and honestly, especially for bakery, if someone allergy to nuts, you have to find out the answer exactly.

  3. Knowledge of the product. I was regartted that I didn’t make a research about our products in our bakery, when an old lady asked me: are you familiar with this cake? I was ashamed caused I can’t answered her question immediately. The problem is without knowing your product from front – to – back, you won’t know how to help customers when they run into problems.

(Day7—Day 8:merchandising station)

  For merchandising and promotion project, our theme was “Merry Christmas”, before we decided this theme, we did research about Christmas, from research we knew stolen, gingerbread and Viennese almond crescents are the most popular pastry during this holiday. My partner and I made a plan for display and promotion; we estimated our production costs, used the simple and elegant packaging for our products, we moved our billboard to the entrance way at the downstairs, that was attracted people’s attention; we published news on Twitter; finally we sold out all products in one and half hour, we were so proud of that. From this merchandising and promotion project, I collected some information usefully.

  1. Simple displays. I’ve been in a store that was overwhelming; I didn’t know where to land my eyes or which direction to walk. So, I think the good merchandising should keep products clean and visible, appealing in display and approachable for customers to touch; take a look around the store and identify the products, which for match the theme, are they easy to find? Anyway, your displays should flow naturally and lead your customers throughout your store.

  2. Encourage tasting. For myself, I respond to many reasons that ultimately make me want to buy something. Tasting and smelling or enjoying that some our product is among the top reasons impulse buys are made. I think this is especially important since our customers may not need anything in our store – after they tried, they want it.

   In a word, from this merchandising, I am full of confidence for next time.