For the past week, we spend much more time in lab, from baking quick breads and cookies we learned 4 type of mixing methods, they are one-stage method, muffin method; creaming method and biscuit method.

  one-stage method . it is the same to the all-in stage method ,  it means put all ingredients together, then mixing use the paddle in low speed. , we always use this method to bake cookie, because cookie doesn’t need too much gluten developed,   We’ve made coconut macaroons in one-stage method, this way is easier than other ways; we don’t need to separate ingredients to different bowls, so that we can save time and get uniform dough, but, in one-stage method, cause we put all ingredients combined at once, so it is not easy to control over mixing.images-1

  Muffin method. We usually use this method for quick breads which quick and easy to make. First of all, we need to separate ingredients to two parts, one is dry, like flour, baking soda, salt, and one is wet, like oil, water and yogurt. For example, when we made carrot zucchini muffin, we whisked every wet stuff together, including liquid oil, eggs, after that we whisked all dry stuff, then we putted all wet ingredients to dry one, used the spatula to stir, until the flour moistened and no lump, finally, we got perfect muffins. So, muffin method also is easy and fast way to bake, another benefit is we can storage wet and dry parts separately, when you want to have some delicious muffins to treat your gust, just combine them, it is faster than you thought.  In this way we still don’t need too much gluten development, we all know that enough mix can develop the gluten, so, the disadvantage of muffin method is the dough can become over mixed quickly.


  The creaming method is place(solid fat) butter and sugar in mixer, use the paddle in the second speed, you can’t exactly judge it which is done or not by the time, but from observe and feel, you must know it. When the cream becomes light and fluffy, then add the eggs one by one, creaming after each, after all the liquid stuff in, stir dry ingredients, and combine all ingredients together. There are two advantages of creaming method, it makes fat and sugar dispersed well, gives muffins nice crumb, and less danger of over mixing. but this method may spent more time than others. Last week we baked banana walnut muffins in creaming method, we spend long time and paid more patience, but it is worth doing. DSC05044

  Biscuit method has another name— pastry method, cause it incorporates the same technique for mixing pie dough, in this method, don’t need to melt or mix butter, just cut cold butter to small cubes into the flour, lastly add the liquids. When biscuits by heated, the butter melts, the water steams, your biscuits rise and got flaky layers. In this way, the advantage is don’t need mixer to mix, so, no worry about over mixing, in addition, there are not too much stages, it is fast to bake. Oppositely, the disadvantage is you have to scale all ingredients accurately, actually, the week before last, Ms. Fionna was give us a experiment to show a little bit different leaven agents, different weight must cause big different result.              leavening2_t


   These four mixing methods, they are all have advantages and disadvantages, if let me choose one over the other, it depends these questions: what will I bake? how many time do I have? what kind of ingredients do I have? who will eat it? and so on. It doesn’t make sense if someone just choose one method for every baking goods. whatever use which method to mixing, all have to bear in mind these details: scrap bowl after used, avoid waste! keep everything clean and tidy, it shows your organization well or bad!follow the instruction! be teamwork, try to get along with different people.


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