Reflection Assessment

Reflection Assessment 2

For this week in the basic principles course, I learned more than I thought, also busier than I thought. At the beginning of the course, I was exciting and had a little bit nervous, because I’ve never seen those machines before, I was afraid of I can’t handle it, but, during this week, we learned how to safely use those mixers and ovens in right way, so I don’t worry it any more.

This week, we learned lots of information about baking, there are three concepts very important to me; firstly, the power of attitude, I’ve heard someone said that our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us, so does work, our attitude determines how much we succeed in work. For example, when we baked scones, we used baking soda instead baking powder or double baking powder, the result were diverse, a little bit change will make big different. So, as a baker, we have to always be careful; be conscientious; be professional. Secondly, the power of teamwork, we’ve discussed a lot about teamwork, everyone knows that two heads are better than ones, teamwork not only can develop interpersonal communication skills, also bring out people’s potentials. Especially in kitchen, we baking goods full cooperation, we trust each other, I had wonderful time with my classmates, but my question is how to steady in your own opinion while teamwork? How can I become a better member? If my teammate passes me a bowl of flour, he or she said that is bread flour, but the flour looks like cake flour, it is pure white not creamy white. In this case, how can I do? Trust but with judgment! I tried my best to figure it out, as a team, I’ll valuing the ideas and opinions of others even when they are different from my own thoughts; and I ‘ll be respectful to my teammates. Finally, the power of time, in baking, different time causes different fermentation; different browning; different aeration…and so on. So do I, manage time becomes a serious problem than before in my life, my challenge is done homework at home, so many things and people interrupt my work, fortunately, VCC has a perfect learning centre, there have every resource what I need.

For the next course, I hope everything goes fluently, prepare well before class. Yes, I’m ready!!!




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